GSoC 2022: Second update - Research

Introduction Two weeks have passed since I started the first phase of my “Make New Documents feature discoverable” Nautilus GSoC project. It’s called “Researching the underlying problem and use cases'', and according to the timeline that was set up in my last planning post, I’m here to share our findings and results. Why do the research Before we start revamping/fixing issues with our implementation of the “New Document” feature, it’s essential that we look into other operating systems, file managers, and web apps, to see how they approach allowing the user to create files. Do not be mistaken - the intention is not to blindly copy them, but to take inspiration from them, identify potential problems with specific solutions, and find out what users may expect from us. If there’s a clear trend in some approach, there may be a valid reason to implement it. We don’t exist in a vacuum, and we are definitely able to learn from the accomplishments or mistakes of others.. Everybody, in

GSoC 2022: First update - Planning

Introduction This summer I'm contributing to Nautilus as part of GSoC, focusing on improving the discoverability of the new document feature. In this post I will describe how the project was split between me and Utkarsh, briefly go over the schedule established for my work, and briefly mention my current research in GNOME Boxes . The split The initial short project idea assumed that only one student was going to work on it, so when both me and Utkarsh Gandhi were accepted, we had quite an unexpected situation. Fortunately, the fact that the project had many stretch goals allowed us to split it so that both of us can work independently. The unexpected situation has taught us to share tasks in a meaningful way, which has made us all the more able to grow at our assignments, furthermore we have learned how to work without blocking each other's progress. Most of the initial tasks that aim to revamp the UI and the code of the New Document menu go to Utkarsh, while I'm going to

GSoC 2022: Introduction

Hello there! My name is Ignacy Kuchciński and I'm studying computer science at UMCS in Lublin, Poland. I've been making minor contributions to GNOME over the past few years, and among the projects I was looking into was GNOME Files, a.k.a Nautilus. I learned about GSoC in #nautilus irc chat room as I observed the effort to port nautilus properties dialog to use GtkBuilder, and I really liked the idea of it - have a chance to make a more significant contribution and be a part of an awesome community on a deeper level. Fast-forward two years, I've applied to Nautilus for GSoC'22 and got accepted to help revamp the “New Document” submenu - an adventure I'm very excited to undertake. The project GNOME Files, also known as Nautilus, as many of you already know, is a file manager for GNOME. Its goal is to provide the user with a simple way to navigate and manage files. One of its abilities, the New Document creation feature, is considered to be a part of core user experie